H-Ideas Corporate Social Responsibility policy

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H-Ideas aims at re-establishing trust in the financial world. Today, this trust is being challenged. We believe part of the reason for this is the lack of alignment between what financial companies provide and their clients’ real needs.

H-Ideas counsels financial companies to strategically position themselves in connection with the goals of their clients, differentiate their value proposition, express this proposition in a way that motivates clients and prospects, and integrate their Responsible Investment beliefs in their marketing.

Reinstating trust is a major societal responsibility. Solving today’s issues and creating a sustainable world requires alignment between financial companies and their clients in order to:

  • Channel capital to the real economy to sustain growth, job creation and shared prosperity.
  • Help fund retirement needs in a world whose demography makes this challenge increasingly pressing.
  • Contribute to solving major environmental and social issues.

As such H-Ideas has a direct impact on the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Decent work and economic growth
Reduced inequalities
Partnerships for the goals

H-Ideas’ Pledge

« We pledge to provide advice that is in the best interest of our clients, of the financial system’s fair functioning and of society’s sustainable development. We require our employees and partners to commit to this Pledge. We encourage our clients to care profoundly about their societal responsibility and act accordingly. »

Principles for Responsible Invest

H-Ideas is a proud signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (Service Provider category) and thereby commits to acting alongside asset owners and asset managers to develop a more sustainable global financial system.

Promoting Responsible Investment

H-Ideas advises its clients on how to integrate their Responsible Investment convictions into their brand and product strategies. Our expertise is sustained by years of research on the matter, research which is shared through articles on the H-Ideas Website, in the press and presented during conferences.

H-Ideas is the co-inventor of the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBITM) the only index which measures the connection between what asset managers do in terms of Responsible Investment and how they project it in their brand (more information at https://www.ri-brandindex.org/). By measuring this connection and publishing the rankings, we aim at creating a level playing field for asset managers that are genuinely committed to Responsible Investment and place it at the very heart of their identity: their brand. We proactively communicate about RIBI in the press and conferences, thereby promoting this conviction vigorously.

In doing so, H-Ideas contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Partnerships for the goals

Environmental Policy

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our activity.

Our offices are Minergie labelled, the Swiss label certifying the minimal energetic use to run the building and the highest possible use of renewable energy. Our offices are equipped with a set of dedicated recycling bins, collecting plastic, metals, cardboard and batteries.

H-Ideas enforces a no printing policy by which we encourage the electronical display and presentation of documents, avoiding unnecessary paper, ink and energy usage.

Videoconferences are always favoured, and travel is only undertaken when absolutely necessary. When doing so, taking the train is favoured to other means of transportation, when practically feasible.

In doing so, H-Ideas contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Affordable and clean energy
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action


In its search for suppliers, H-Ideas favours local players who share the same values and the same concern for social responsibility.

Giving back for Social Good:
H-Ideas helps others succeed by making donations to charitable organisations and sponsoring cultural initiatives. We have decided to donate to charitable organisations that help children in need. We support artists who have been severely impacted by the consequences of the COVID sanitary crisis as we believe culture is a strong unifying force towards a more equal and fair society.

In doing so, H-Ideas contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Good health and well-being
Quality education
Reduced inequalities


H-Ideas treats all its clients with the same consideration. We ensure the fair and equal treatment of each client in terms of the quality of services provided and fees.

This policy is created, maintained and enforced by the Founder, Chairman and CEO of H-Ideas.