H-Ideas aims at re-establishing trust in the financial world. Today, this trust is challenged. We believe part of the reason for this can be found in the lack of alignment between what financial companies provide and what their clients actually need from them.

H-Ideas advises you on how to:

  • Strategically position your company in connection with the goals of your clients.
  • Differentiate your proposition.
  • Express this proposition in a way that motivates clients and prospects.

As a result, you can win more business and keep what you have longer.

H-Ideas is the co-inventor of the only index that measures how asset managers show their commitment to Responsible Investment in their brand: the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI™) www.ri-brandindex.org.

H-Ideas is a signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

Principles for Responsible Invest

Why you need to work on your strategy

Mistakes cost more.

With ever increasing barrier to entries, it is critical to carefully craft your plans and decide what to do and what not to do.

Technology is changing the rules of the game.

By commoditizing some of the offer (e.g. Robot advisors) and providing your tech savvy competitors with new weapons to differentiate (e.g. Artificial Intelligence).

Differentiation increases margin.

As some well known brands have proven: Apple, BMW, Nespresso, Evian,…

Your clients have a lot of managers to choose from.

4’000 managers and 54’000 funds in Europe. If you are not different, you are not visible.

You have a wider audience to convince.

With governments disengaging from solving retirement issues, this is left to individuals.

How H-Ideas can help your business

Strategic positioning

The long-term vision to focus your efforts on the right clients in the right market. Advising you on how to stand out thanks to a clear and engaging positioning.
Examples: create or evolve your brand, reposition an investment proposition, design a strategy to enter a specific geography, develop a content marketing strategy, …

Tactical wins

The commando operation to advise you on how to transform an opportunity into business success.
Examples: getting prepared for a final pitch presentation, preparing for a conference, …

Organizational & Operational Marketing improvements

Advise on how to structure your Marketing function for optimal efficiency and success.
Examples: design a strategy to approach investment consultants, create a Product Development process,…

Genuine and powerful Responsible Investment strategy

Design your Responsible Investment strategy and integrate it in an authentic and seamless manner in your marketing and communications. H-Ideas is the co-inventor of the only index that measures how asset managers show their commitment to Responsible Investment in their brand: the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBITM) www.ri-brandindex.org
Examples: integrate Responsible Investment in your brand, position and differentiate an ESG investment strategy, benchmark an ESG investment process…

What H-Ideas brings you

A combined experience of several decades working in investment companies. We have experienced and solved the problems you face.

Completely independent advice, not influenced by any other thing we want to sell: there isn’t anything else.

Our best ideas for your individual situation. At our size, each client is unique.

A unique combination of skills in strategic marketing and computer science. A key combination when Artificial Intelligence enters the investment world.

Your H-Ideas experts

H-Ideas works with a network of experts and calls on the best skills to solve your specific issues. We have already worked several times with each of these experts and we take full responsibility for the quality of their delivery. They all have between 15 to 25 years experience in each of their specialty and therefore have an immediate impact on your project.

Jean-François Hirschel
Jean-François Hirschel

CEO & Founder

Maurin Defrance
Dr Claude Diderich
Claire Duport
Martin Forrest
Thierry Goudin
Markus Kramer
Timothy Ringler

They trust us


Advice on strategic positionning and its communication

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Position thematic strategies with investors

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Strategic positioning and Brand

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Advice on Distribution Strategy

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Strategic Analysis of the Product Range


Brand strategy

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Advice on Responsible Investment Marketing

Sanso Investment Solutions

Advice on international development

SYZ Group

Advice on Responsible Investment


Investment policy in the investment strategies

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Strategic Marketing Advice

A multi billion dollars quant based alternative manager

Advice on marketing strategy and positioning

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