La revue d’une gamme de produits

The product range review: a critical strategic exercise

Is your fleet ready? An asset manager’s product range review is crucial to ensure that all products are aligned with the company’s strategy, its profitability targets, its marketing objectives, and are optimal from a risk-management perspective (operational, regulatory, reputational, and ESG). In this article, we outline the issues covered by a product range review and…


ESG Marketing

Is ESG marketing today the hedge fund marketing of the 2000s?

I recently attended a conference on ESG. I was impressed by the passion, expertise, and commitment of the speakers. However, I was disturbed by the extent to which they made themselves unapproachable: an endless succession of jargon, acronyms, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals presented with their numbers, assuming that the audience knew the corresponding theme…


Now is the time for asset managers to build their reputation as positive agents of change

PRESS RELEASE – Zurich, 28 March 2023 The Responsible Investment Brand Index RIBI™2023 evaluates close to 600 asset managers globally on their ability to translate commitment to responsible development into their brand. Both key RIBI ratings (Commitment and Brand) demonstrate good progress towards embedding responsible investment principles by the industry overall. Analysis at the country…