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This is the third of four “Communication Best Practices” that can help you convert the general needs of your clients into a specific “I-want-your-product” commitment. Followed carefully and consistently, these four communication fundamentals get to the heart of the decision-making matter in real-world applications. They can help you tailor the narrative around your product into a story the client wants to hear and act on.

Communication takes place in the ear of the listener not the mouth of the speaker. Put yourself in the client’s shoes early and often. Test what you are saying against what they might be hearing. Bear in mind they may not understand all the industry jargon but are unlikely to admit it. If you lose them in the conversation, you’ve lost the opportunity. Jargon kills emotion1. Simplify your language and make it as accessible and tangible as possible. We had a lot of discussions with a fund manager who was firmly convinced that the first page of his presentation stating “Our goal is to generate asymmetric returns” was very strong. Despite having an engineering and mathematic background, I am uncertain of what this means! Furthermore, from a compliance standpoint, it could even be dangerously misconstrued. Here at H-Ideas, we believe “Our goal is to help you participate more in up-markets than in down” to be much more understandable, and much more client focused. Another way to achieve this connection is to limit your presentation to three key ideas. Way too often do we see a shopping list of facts, benefits, features, etc.… Articulate your presentation around three key ideas you want your audience to remember. The reason being that the human brain is not wired to remember more than three!

We keep this principle in mind at all times as we advise our clients. We are passionate about these matters. If you would like to discuss these with us and how they are relevant for your success, please don’t hesitate to contact us and visit our Web site And watch out for next week Best Practice #4.

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1 “Investment jargon does not trigger emotion”., interview by Samuel Gerber. July 2018.